14th Annual Hamilton Brain Bee at McMaster University
Friday, April 7, 2017


Photos here!  Congratulations to all our competitors, and especially to our winners taking:

First place:  Denzil Boyd, Milton District High School:

Second place:  Patrick Liu,  Oakville Trafalgar High School:

Third place:  Emma Frketich, Westmount High School:

Best of luck to Denzil Boyd, as he prepares to compete in the Canadian National Brain Bee on May 27th!

Our other competitors, who performed amazingly well are:
Aiman Dhiloon, Iroquois Ridge High School
Arda Dumanli, Oakville Trafalgar High School
Christine Kim, Westdale Secondary School
Ezequil Joshua Bulfango, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School
Lauren Fong, Iroquois Ridge High School
Lina Lombo, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School
Martina Gobran, St. Thomas AquinasCatholic Secondary School
Raiyan Sayeed, Westdale Secondary School
Shaffan Khalid, Milton District High School
Sineli Gamage, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School
Tamara Slavkovska, St.Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School
Vanessa Noia, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School
Veronika Krouguerskaia, Oakville Trafalgar High School

Time:  The competition will begin at 1pm.
Location:  Psychology Building (Building 34 on this map), McMaster campus, room 155.

How to prepare

High school students in the Hamilton-Halton and surrounding area from grades 9 through 12 are welcome to compete at the local brain bee.  Students demonstrate their knowledge about the brain and neuroscience, including fascinating topics involving intelligence, memory, emotions, sensations, movement, stress, aging, sleep, addiction, and more. Participating is a valuable experience that you can add to your resume — not to mention the possibility of winning prizes and fame!

All the questions will come from Neuroscience: Science of the Brain.

There are other resources that you might find useful and inspiring!
For example: Brain Facts and the Brain Facts Book


The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive a plaque and cash prizes!  The 1st place winner’s name will be engraved on the Hamilton Brain Bee perpetual traveling trophy plaque and this plaque will be displayed in the trophy case at their school for one year.  The 1st place winner will also represent Hamilton at the Annual CIHR Canadian National Brain Bee May 27, 2017. Graduate students from our department will help the winner prepare for the national event.  Additional exciting prizes are awarded at the national competition each year.  The 2017 CIHR Canadian Brain Bee champion will win a trip for two to represent Canada at the International Brain Bee competition, to be held  August 3-6 in Washington, D.C., hosted at the American Psychological Association conference.

Please note that there are nearby local brain bee competitions held in WaterlooGuelph, and Toronto.  Students may not compete in more than one local brain bee competition each year, and must at the location that is closest geographically to their high school.


History of the Hamilton Brain Bee at McMaster University

Thank you to all our competitors, to the graduate and undergraduate students who presented their research, to our judges, and to the great brain bee organizing team and all the volunteers!  The Brain Bee wouldn’t be possible without your support.

13th Annual Hamilton Brain Bee at McMaster
April 11, 2016

We have our 2016 winners!  There was a great group of contestants (PHOTOS).  In no particular order, our contestants were:  Adam Sunavsky from Bishop Ryan; Emma Allen from Oakville Trafalgar High, Wendi Qu from Ancaster High, Shawn Lee from White Oaks Secondary, Krishnan Shyamkumar from Hillfield Strathallan College, Shannon Harris from Westmount Secondary, Kristal Cerga from White Oaks Secondary, Jeffrey Huang from Westmount Secondary, Rebecca Pickett-Foley from Assumption College, Taha Aziz from Westmount Secondary, Bailey Gardien from Assumption College, Alannah Mosimann from A.N. Myer, Sasha Roshan from Westmount Secondary, and Lee Jiang from Westdale Secondary.

First Place:  Adam Sunavsky, Bishop Ryan
Second Place:  Emma Allen, Oakville Trafalgar High
Third Place:  Wendi Qu, Ancaster High


Congratulations everyone!  It was a tough competition!  Adam will represent Hamilton at the CIHR Canadian National Brain Bee, hosted by McMaster University on Saturday, May 28, 2016.  Good luck Adam!


12th Annual Hamilton Brain Bee 2015 at McMaster
We had a great day today!


See our collection of photos here.

Our top 3 winners are:

1st place:  Steven (Hyeok) Jun Lee, Westdale Secondary School
2nd place: Daphne Walford, Westmount Secondary School
3rd place:  Adam Sunavsky, Bishop Ryan

From left to right: Steven, Adam, Daphne

From left to right: Steven, Adam, Daphne

Steven will represent Hamilton at the Canadian National Brain Bee at the end of May.   Congratulations everyone!  And good luck to Steven!



The 12th Annual 2015 McMaster Hamilton Brain Bee was held on Thursday, April 9th.  The competition was held in the Psychology Building on McMaster campus, hosted by the department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour.

This year, 1st place will to be taking home their very own Muse EEG headset, courtesy of Interaxon!   Introducing Muse: Changing The Way The World Thinks
“Muse: the brain sensing headband is a brain fitness tool that helps do more with your mind by helping you calm and settle your mind.”

11th Annual 2014 Hamilton Brain Bee:
Wednesday April 9th, 2014

We have our winners!  See our collection of photos here.


First Place (photo left):  Jae Eun Lee (Iroquois Ridge High)
Second Place (photo middle):  Martin Matuvi (Orchard Park Secondary)
Third Place (photo right):  Shawn Lee (White Oaks Secondary)

All of the competitors performed excellently (names and photos coming soon).
Congratulations everyone.
Good luck to Jae Eun Lee, who will represent McMaster at the CIHR Canadian National Brain Bee on May 31st.


10th Annual 2013 Hamilton Brain Bee:
Thursday, April 11, 2013

We had a great group of competitors today.  Even though the size of the group was a bit smaller than expected due to the forecast for freezing rain and/or ice pellets, the competition was just as fierce as the weather.


Our top three competitors:
First Place (photo middle):  Sharon Yang (Westdale Secondary School)
Second Place (photo left):  Jae Eun Lee (Iroquois Ridge High School)
Third Place (photo right):  Simone Valade (Westmount Secondary School)

UPDATE:  Sharon Yang went on to win the 2013 CIHR Canadian National Brain Bee, and she represented Canada at the International Brain Bee in Vienna!  Congratulations Sharon!


The rest of the competitors were not far behind, it was a very close competition.

2013 McMaster Hamilton Brain Bee competitors (left to right):
Gazal Kukreja (Hillfield Strathallan), Sharon Yang (Westdale), Ivana Drobac (Holy Trinity), Alina Bielak (Hillfield Strathallan), Michelle Murdock (Hillfield Strathallan), Keerolos Youssef Tawadros (John Fraser), Fawad Ahmed (Ancaster High), Martin Matuvi (Orchard Park), Raphael Koh (Iroquois Ridge), Jae Eun Lee (Iroquois Ridge), Daphne Walford (Westmount), Imasha Perrera (St. Thomas More), Simone Valade (Westmount).

9th Annual 2012 McMaster Hamilton Brain Bee:
Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This was one of our largest competitions ever. We had 40 students competing from high schools across the Hamilton-Halton-Niagara region.   Click here for more photos of the event!


Iroquois Ridge High School cleaned up this year, winning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  Awesome work — congratulations!!!  Our three top place winners are shown below, from left to right:
Manjot Sangha (1st place), Tina Yuan (3rd place), and Alicia Rajwani (2nd place).
Congratulations to Manjot, who will be representing us at the 5th Annual CIHR Canadian National Brain Bee, held at McMaster on May 26, 2012.


Here is the 2012 Brain Bee flyer.  On February 21st, our visitors arrived at 12:30 pm.  By car, park in Lot I (SE corner of campus near Main and Cootes; see map) and walk east to the Psychology Building (building 34 on the map):  http://www.mcmaster.ca/welcome/campusmap.cfm.  There will be someone in the lobby of the Psychology Building to show you where to go.


8th Annual 2011 McMaster Hamilton Brain Bee:
Tuesday, February 23, 2011

Winners!  From left to right in the photo: Dr. Joe Kim: Co-organizer, Sophie Geffros, Holy Trinity, Second place!, Jason Fan, Westdale, FIRST place!, Jessica Blackwood, Hillfield Strathallan, Third Place!



Jason Fan, the winner of the 2011 McMaster Brain Bee, will represent us at the Fourth Annual CIHR Canadian National Brain Bee (CCNBB) on May 28, 2011. Big cash prizes! Trophies! Recognition! Stuff to add to your resume! Competitors from all over Canada will come to compete for the National title. Check out the CCNBB website for some great highlights of the National competition: http://brainbee.ca.

The winner of the CIHR Canadian National Brain Bee will represent Canada at the International Brain Bee held in Florence, Italy 2011. Competitors from countries all over the world will compete for the International title and prizes! More cash prizes! More trophies! More fame!

Here is the 2011 Brain Bee flyer.

Visit previous years in the history of the Hamilton Brain Bee at McMaster University: