High School Students!

The Brain Bee is open to high school students from grades 9 through 12.  The first step to participating in the Canadian National Brain Bee is to find a Local Brain Bee near you.  Check the current list of Canadian Local Bees from the main menu.  The organization of each local brain bee is unique, so it is best to contact the organizer to find out about location, competition dates, and registration details.

The first place champion of each local brain bees is invited to compete at the Canadian National Brain Bee.  The first place champion of the National bee will go on to represent Canada at the International Brain Bee  The 2015 International Brain Bee has its own site.

There are different study resources to use depending on whether you are studying for the local, national, or international brain bee competitions.

Local Brain Bee Study Resources:

Check with your local brain bee organizers regarding study resources.  Most Canadian local brain bees draw questions and answers from “Neuroscience: Science of the Brain”, published by the European Dana Alliance for the Brain. You can find the links to this resource here.  Be sure to check with your local organizers to make sure that you are studying the right material for your local brain bee.

Local Brain Bee Eligibility

Local brain bee rules and activities differ across locations.  Some will allow a student to compete more than once.  Others allow this only if the student did not win in the previous year.

Dates and times of the local competitions also differ.  Look for the local brain bee closest in location to your high school and contact them for details.  Look for contact information under the Local Bees menu.

Some general eligibility rules across all local brain bees:

  • A student can compete in only one Local Brain Bee per year
  • A student must compete in the Local Brain Bee closest geographically to their high school (this is especially important to consider in Ontario which has several local brain bees)
  • A student can compete in the Canadian National Brain Bee and the International Brain Bee only once