brainbee-smallwebYou can use the official brain bee icon for your websites, documents, and media-related needs.  A few different formats are linked below.

You may not want to use the smaller thumbnail samples in publications; they are very low resolution and meant for illustration on web pages only. The eps files are high quality graphics suitable for use in print publications; they are vector files on transparent backgrounds and can be scaled from 1 inch to a million without losing their resolution. The gif files are suitable for use in web and electronic applications; gif is a lossy format so they do not look great if they are enlarged.

Download a small gif  (File size: 6 kB, Dimensions: 266 × 230)

Download a larger gif  (File size: 14 kB, Dimensions: 714 × 619)

Download a png  (File size: 17 kB, Dimensions: 266 × 230)

Download the eps  (File size: 4.9 Mb, Dimensions: scalable because vector)