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Winnipeg Brain Bee 2017!

The Manitoba Neuroscience Network is pleased to announce that the third annual Winnipeg Brain Bee will be held March 11, 2017 at the University of Manitoba’s Bannatyne campus.  Registration will be open until November 25, 2016.  For more information and to obtain registration forms, please contact Dr. Sari Hannila (see email address below).  We look forward to seeing you!

Winnipeg Brain Bee 2016

The second annual Winnipeg Brain Bee was held March 12, 2016 at the University of Manitoba’s Bannatyne Campus. The day began with the competition, and this was followed by lunch and a talk by neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Ellis of the Pan Am Clinic Concussion Program. In the afternoon, students participated in demonstrations of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and microscopy led by neuroscientists from the University of Manitoba.

River East Collegiate successfully defended their title, as Tiara Headworth was this year’s winner!  Tiara represented Winnipeg at the Canadian National Brain Bee, held May 29, 2016 at McMaster University. Congratulations Tia!  Our second place finisher was Monica Ghebrial from Vincent Massey High School in Brandon, and our third place finisher was Umema Rafay from Balmoral Hall School.

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Previous Winnipeg Brain Bee winners

2015:  Rachel Gador, River East Collegiate

About the Brain Bee

The Brain Bee is a competition for students in Grades 9-12 that tests neuroscience knowledge. It is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about neuroscience and may be of particular interest to students who are interested in pursuing careers in neuroscience research, medicine, and psychology.

The Winnipeg Brain Bee is organized by the Manitoba Neuroscience Network, the Winnipeg chapter of the Society for Neuroscience, a non-profit organization representing neuroscientists. The mission of the MNN is to promote neuroscience research and education in Manitoba, and enhance public awareness of neuroscience through events such as the Brain Bee.

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How to take part

The competition is open to all students in Grades 9-12. Participation is completely free! There is no registration fee and all study materials are provided to students free of charge. All we require is that you register by the deadline.

Previous winners cannot compete again, but otherwise, students are welcome to participate every year!

How to prepare

The questions for the Brain Bee are taken directly from a text called “Neuroscience: Science of the Brain”, which is available online at:

These study materials can be downloaded anytime!

The format of the questions is flexible, and can include multiple choice, short answer questions, and patient diagnosis questions.

While it is possible for students to study on their own, we strongly recommend that students contact their science teacher and form groups to prepare for the Bee. Students should start to prepare soon after finalizing their registration.

What you win!

The winner of the Winnipeg Brain Bee receives a plaque, an iPad, and a trophy to display at their school until the next competition. They will also receive an all-expenses paid trip to Hamilton, ON to represent Winnipeg at the CIHR Canadian National Brain Bee!  Our second and third place finishers also receive plaques, as well as cash prizes.

The winner of the National Brain Bee receives the opportunity to represent Canada at the International Brain Bee, which has been held annually since 1999. The 2016 International Brain Bee was held June 30-July 4 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Canada’s representative, Nooran AbuMazen, finished second!

The 2017 International Brain Bee will be held in August, 2017 in Washington, DC!

For more information and to obtain registration forms, please contact Dr. Sari S. Hannila, Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Science, University of Manitoba or