5th Annual Victoria Brain Bee!


A chance to showcase your knowledge of the brain in a fun neuroscience themed competition at the University of Victoria.


9am-12pm, April 30th, 2016 


Medical Sciences Building, University of Victoria. Maps available at https://www.uvic.ca/home/about/campus-info/maps/


All high school students in Victoria and surrounding areas are eligible to compete.


Studying resources and information about the National Brain Bee can be found on this page.

For Winner of Local Brain Bee, these additional resources will be included in the National Brain Bee exam, as well as the same resources for the local Bee:

Textbook: Bear, Connors & Paradiso (Neuroscience: Exploring the brain, 3rd edition) starting with 3 chapters:
Chapter 2: Neurons and glia
Chapter 7: Structure of the nervous system
Chapter 22: Mental illness
and most likely, the chapter 7 appendix: Illustrated guide to human anatomy.



The top student gets a “day in the lab” shadowing a neuroscience researcher at UVic as they perform experiments. The winner also gets to compete at the National Brain Bee at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

For more information about the Victoria Brain Bee, contact Andrew Boyce, a PhD student from the Division of Medical Science at UVIC at victoria@brainbee.ca or aboy@uvic.ca.


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